Chelsea Oelker

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Chelsea Oelker is an accomplished and driven professional who has dedicated her career to advancing the lives of others. As the Chief Operating Officer at Oelker Enterprises, she manages multiple business initiatives with dedication and focus. As COO of the family-run business, she exhibits impressive expertise in a wide range of areas like health administration, nonprofit management, digital marketing, policy formation, and real estate. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration from State College of Florida and later achieving the distinction of Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management with a focus on Brand Management and Digital Communities from Northeastern University, Chelsea continues to further her education as a doctoral student in the Law and Policy Program at Northeastern. To follow up on her impressive educational accomplishments, she serves as a Realtor at Michael Saunders & Company on Anna Maria Island while fulfilling her passion for giving back through her philanthropy and advocacy efforts that benefit underprivileged children, the special-needs community, and animals in need. Chelsea is genuinely committed to her community and believes in using her drive and intelligence to promote positive change.